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Afiya Extender Mask | Light Silver

Afiya Extender Mask | Light Silver

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Presenting, our Afiya Brocade Mask Extender.

This Afiya Mask Extender is a must-have especially if you wear 3-ply masks daily! We’ve made it easy to put on since it has 2 buttons on each side so you can choose which length fits you best.

  • Each extender is made from 100% brocade jacquard fabric with floral patterns
  • Comes 4 acrylic buttons with shell effect finishing on each side for easy fastening
  • Has our iconic Afiya emblem!

*Suitable for those with hair bun or without hair bun

*Material is solid and will secure nicely on the head


Fabric Type 100% Brocade jacquard with floral patterns
Care Label Hand wash with cold water, brush lightly to remove stains
Detailing Silver/Gold Afiya’s signature emblem with approximately 21 cm long and 2.5 cm
Colour Light Silver


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